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Why students choose Greece?

  • High level of European education
  • Internationally recognized diploma
  • Career in Europe and the World
  • Free or reduced fare meals and accommodation
  • Free scientific material
  • Discount Student Card
  • Residence permit with the right to move around Europe
  • Favorable Mediterranean climate

Greece is a country rich in legends, myths and an extremely rich history that was created by ancient heroes and citizens of free cities, great generals, scientists and philosophers who made an invaluable contribution to world science and art. The centuries-old traditions and high culture of communication are combined here with hospitality, richness of nature and an excellent Mediterranean climate. The country has a large number of historical monuments and museums, as well as impressive sights, beaches, islands, ski resorts. And almost everywhere in Greece, students are given vacations at discounted prices. If you decide to study in the homeland of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other famous ancient Greek sages, we are ready to help you realize this desire.

Higher education in Greece with «Ellin Travel»: company service packages

Service packages are a set of services provided by «Ellin Travel» to its customers. You can choose any of the packages of services: «Minimum», «Basic», «Comfortable». The services included in the packages were developed by «Ellin Travel» specialists on the basis of their relevance among applicants.

1650 €
2950 €
4095 €

Not included in price:

  • Visa
  • Accommodation: paid separately (from 125 euros per person per month + utilities, from 0 euros) for the first year of the preparatory course of the Greek language, then the university provides a hostel, subject to availability.
  • Annual fee for a residence permit (150 euros) and annual insurance purchased in Greece, necessary to obtain a residence permit.

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Service Packages. The procedure for registration. Frequently asked Questions. Language classes.


What is needed in order to become a student of the Greek University?

First of all, need a school certificate.
But if you have not finished school, do not despair! We will prepare all the necessary documents, and as soon as you receive a certificate, you will immediately hand it over to us for submission to the Ministry of Education of Greece. Become a student in Greece is not so difficult: while graduates of Greek schools pass 12 exams, foreigners for admission to the university offered the most attractive conditions for admission - based on the average score of the certificate. Among the huge number of scientific directions of universities in Greece, you can choose the right faculty: our experts will help you with this. As soon as we receive the decision of the Ministry of Education on your admission, you can start packing your bags. A country of myths and gods is waiting for you! In the first year of study you have to complete an annual preparatory course of the Greek language at the University of Thessaloniki or Athens. After that, you will pass a simple exam and, having received a certificate, you start to study in the chosen specialty.

Food, accommodation and other expenses.
Meals at the University are provided free of charge or at a reduced rate (depending on the university - two or three times a day). Accommodation in a dormitory (subject to availability), free medical insurance, a preferential student card for all types of transport, free scientific material, a residence permit with the right to move freely in Europe. Foreign students pay a small tuition fee to cover the above costs. The level of education in Greece is very high; teaching is carried out according to advanced techniques. During the whole period of study you can attend additional foreign language courses (free of charge). The diploma of the Greek University is a diploma of the European level, which is recognized worldwide. Graduate students of Greek universities with extensive knowledge in the field of foreign languages are widely in demand both in Greece and in Europe. 

Why choose universities in Greece?
Greece provides excellent conditions for education, as well as many benefits for students. The level of university teaching in the country is consistently high. Most teachers in parallel conducts scientific activities abroad. From year to year, students of universities in Greece occupy leading places in various student competitions (in computer science, mathematics, astronomy, international relations, law, etc.).

Greek diplomas, certificates and degrees are recognized worldwide.
Practically at any university there are foreign language courses, professional specialized courses, various sports clubs, etc. Participation is free for students. For good results in studies, a student has the right to apply for a scholarship or grant for studies. All universities in Greece have student support offices and employment offices. A wide horizon of perspectives and opportunities opens up for students of a Greek universities (both in the European Union and around the world). Youth and friendly atmosphere reigns in Greek universities. Teachers, students, staff and youth organizations are always ready to help and respond to any of your requests.

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