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Booking a transfer in Greece in a few clicks!

Greece is an amazing country in which absolutely everything attracts: from a high level of service to incredible sights. In Greece, you can get acquainted with the rich history of this country and see with your own eyes all those legendary places that you have heard so much about.

Before starting the trip, each of you wondered: «How to get from the airport in Greece to your vacation spot?». The answer to this question is very simple: «You can contact the company «Ellin Travel», which provides all types of individual transfers throughout Greece». It is necessary to book a transfer in Greece in advance, and you will have the opportunity to protect yourself from overpayments and not stray from the planned route in an unfamiliar place.

Transfer is an integral part of any trip to Greece

«Ellin Travel» will specially prepare for you any variant of an individual transfer in Greece, therefore it will not be difficult for you to think up and implement any individual route in Greece to explore this unique country. Transfers from «Ellin Travel» are various and depend only on your wishes and needs. It can be:

  • Individual transfers by taxi or executive class cars (Mercedes Benz E 250, S 400, S 600 and etc.)
  • Individual transfers by minivans and mini buses (7 and 18 seats)
  • Group bus transfers (30 and 50 seats)

To book any transfers, specify the route you are interested in and send a request:

The multi-profile tour operator «Ellin Travel» guarantees a high level of service to private clients, including the organization of individual transfers in Greece during any tours, including wedding tours, business tours, sports tours, wellness, VIP trips, etc.

If you are going to visit Greece on your own, the pre-booked transfer will solve all the problems associated with moving in a foreign country. At your service are professional drivers with many years of experience in the field of tourism who will provide you with safe and comfortable travel on the roads of Greece:

What you pay for booking the individual transfer service in our company:

  • operation of the selected vehicle
  • driver
  • fuel
  • local taxes
  • baggage delivery

Advantages of booking a transfer in Greece from «Ellin Travel»

At «Ellin Travel» you can get the best transfer option in Greece in terms of price and quality.  In addition, you will know in advance about the cost of your transfer, taking into account all the factors pricing this service (type of transport, night or day time, distance to the destination, etc.).  We offer a wide range of customer-oriented vehicles with different preferences. Huge experience, an extensive fleet of vehicles, an instant response to the requests of our customers makes «Ellin Travel» the most reliable company in providing a full range of travel services in Greece.

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