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The best excursions

We will make your every excursion truly unforgettable.

Exclusive transport

Only new cars of premium and business class. Licensed for travel service.

Personal approach

Individual excursions made for you, taking into account all your wishes.

Top guides

Our guides are high-level licensed professionals with the best ratings and many years of excursion experience in Greece.


Аренда вилл
Eternity soaring in the sky 
Аренда яхт
Lake Bride of Byzantium
Экскурсионные туры
The Mountain of the Gods and the Treasury of the Macedonian Dynasty

Excursions in Greece: learn and love Ancient Hellas

Greece is among the most popular tourist destinations. In this amazing country, attracts and calls literally everything – from a high European level of service to incredibly exciting excursion trips. Their choice is incredibly voluminous, and the spectacular photos for a long time remind tourists of the beautiful days in a sunny country!

Excursions are an important part of any trip

For many tourists, excursions are an integral part of the trip. They are various, and therefore not difficult to organize a program of interest. It can be tours:

  • for children and adults
  • one-day, two-day or multi-day
  • road, sea, railway or aviation journey

Whatever type of excursion to Ancient Hellas you prefer, the trip will be intense and interesting if you contact «Ellin Travel». Our prices are the most attractive, and services are only qualified!

Sightseeing tours from professionals

The multi-profile tour operator «Ellin Travel» guarantees a high level of service to private clients, including the organization of individual sightseeing tours during any trips, as well as wedding tours, business, sports, wellness and VIP trips. Вас ждут не только лучшие материковые и островные курорты, сногсшибательные развлечения и прекрасные виллы или апартаменты, но и самые захватывающие экскурсии!

We offer to stay on such popular Greek islands as Lefkada, Corfu, Kefalonia or on mainland Greece - Chalkidiki, Pieria - Paralia Katerini. You have the widest choice of excursions in Greece from «Ellin Travel». On the mainland there are many architectural, cultural, historical monuments. Well-organized and exciting trips will be interesting for all ages, because you can:

  • bow before the ancient Acropolis
  • visit christian temples and temples of Poseidon
  • get to the Navel of the World
  • visit the Meteora Monasteries: 8th wonder of the world
  • climb Mount Olympus
  • drink the elixir of eternal youth and have time to learn many interesting things

All this are the oldest buildings, the heritage of the whole world, and not just one of the most ancient countries on earth – the legendary Hellas. Rich excursion days can be completed in one of the national Greek taverns. They are part of the unique culture of the birthplace of gods and Olympic heroes.

Advantages of excursion tours from «Ellin Travel»

With «Ellin Travel» you can get the best and most optimal in terms of price and quality of service individual excursion program, choose the most interesting routes for you, compiled by experienced guides. Our staff have received excellent training in organizing individual sightseeing tours, VIP-tours and will provide you with the most comfortable means of transportation for the country. Our excursion tours are chosen for a number of reasons, among which:

  • development of routes and programs using unique techniques
  • individual approach and consideration of all your wishes
  • the work of a whole staff of professional guides, culture experts and journalists
  • highest level of service
  • reducing any risks to zero

The most important thing is that we love this ancient country very much and are ready to do everything we can to make you love it too


Choose your favorite route or suggest your

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