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Car rental in Greece

Greece attracts tourists from all over the world. Attractive for guests of the country are not only the gentle sun and sea, but also a rich culture and history. The country is thoroughly permeated with the spirit of antiquity. It is simply unforgivable to visit Greece and not to get acquainted with the historical sights, not to feel the real local flavor, not to taste the delicious dishes of national cuisine.

In order to have time to carry out all the plans, during your stay in Greece, you will need a car that can be rented. You can book a car at a good price in advance with «Ellin Travel». We have only the best offers from Greek car rental companies.



audi a4
audi a4
Passengers: 5               Doors: 4
Gearbox: automatic     Fuel: diesel
Year built: 2015             Class: sedan
mercedes c
mercedes c
Passengers: 4               Doors: 2
Gearbox: manual          Fuel: petrol
Year built: 2016             Class: cabriolet
bmw x6
bmw x6
Passengers: 5               Doors: 4
Gearbox: automatic     Fuel: diesel
Year built: 2016             Class: SUV

Rent a car in Greece and go on an exciting journey around mainland Greece – Chalkidiki, Pieria - Paralia Katerini, or fly to island Lefkada, Corfu, Kefalonia and within a week drive it up and down – the choice is yours. And we will try to provide you with all the necessary information for a comfortable trip. When going on a trip to Greek cities without knowing the Greek language, keep in mind that the inscriptions on the signs are duplicated in English language only on the highways and in the cities, and on local roads and islands usually only Greek language is used. We do not recommend renting a car to travel around Athens – the traffic in the city is chaotic, with parking problem in the center, and you can easily get into a traffic jam. For trips in mountainous areas, choose an all-wheel drive car, and in cities it is more convenient to drive around and park, having a compact car at your disposal.

You need to return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank with which you got it.

Documents, insurance

To rent a car in Greece, you need a driver's license. The driver must be at least 21 years old (in some agencies not less than 23 years old and not more than 70 years old), experience not less than 1 year. The cost of car rental in Greece usually includes: fire and civil liability insurance. Additional charges Theft Protection Coverage (insurance against theft) and full insurance (does not include compensation for the holed wheel, damage to the bottom, broken windshield or rearview mirrors).

Sometimes additional payment can be made for each kilometer that you drive, and will be taken from you when you return the car – please specify when renting and at the conclusion of the contract.

Fuel and gas stations

At the Greek gas stations you can find 95th and 98th unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel (petrelio). No gas can be transported in canisters. On islands, gasoline is always a bit more expensive than on the mainland, due to the need to transport it by water. Many gas stations close at 19:00, but one round-the-clock gas station per settlement will always be found.

Fuel cost
There is no leaded petrol in Greece. Greece has good quality gasoline. Gas stations can be found quite often. Average fuel cost (per liter) in Greece:

  • Gasoline 95 – €1,62
  • Gasoline 98 – €1,84
  • Diesel – €1,34

Traffic Laws

Low beam during the day is mandatory only in conditions of poor visibility, at other times its use is prohibited. Children under 3 years old can only travel in special seats, and until 11 years they are not allowed to ride in the front seat. Seat belts must be fastened by everyone in the car. Talking on the phone without «hands free» is prohibited. The sound signal is allowed to apply only when there is a risk of an accident.

Speed limit in Greece. City: 50 km/h. Outside the city: 90 km/h. Highway: 110 km/h. Motorway (autostrada): 130 km/h.

Make sure that the car you rent is equipped with everything you need: warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher. The use and transport of radar detectors in Greece is prohibited. Greek drivers often do not comply with traffic rules, be careful. Do not follow their lead. There are specific signs on the streets of Greek cities: «Parking is prohibited on this side of the road for odd months (for example May)» and «Parking is prohibited on this side of the road on even months (for example June)».


In Greece, traffic police are not allowed to charge fines on the spot. The receipt issued by them must be paid at the bank, in the same region in which the fine was issued. For prompt payment of a fine (up to 10 days) – you pay 50% of the amount of the fine. But if the payment is delayed, the amount of the fine may increase significantly. With a short-term car rental, you can give a receipt (and money, of course) to the rental company along with the car. We will pay the fine ourselves.

Some amounts of fines:

  • over speed – from €40 to €350
  • wrong parking – €80
  • non-use of seat belts – €80 or even short-term driving license arrest
  • talking on the phone without «hands free» – €100 or even short-term driving license arrest
  • drunk riding – from €250 to €2000, possible imprisonment
  • crossing a red light or crossing a double solid line – €700
  • violation of the rules of transportation of children – €80
  • presence in the car radar detector – €2000

Toll roads

If you decide to use car rental services in Greece, you must bear in mind that the country has a fee for the use of roads, which depends on the distance traveled. Payment is made before you enter the toll section. Tariffs also depend on the type of vehicle. Cars belong to category 2.

Payment on each toll is usually €2-4. On the Egnatia motorway stretching from west to east almost across the whole mainland Greece there are 6 payment points, each of which will have to leave €2,4. Roads with special payment: Aktio-Preveza underwater tunnel (passenger car – €3) and 3 km Rio-Antirio bridge (passenger car – €14).

Parking in Greece

As well as almost everywhere in Europe, in the center of large Greek cities is not easy to find a place where you can park for free and not get a penalty ticket on the windshield. You should not try to save money by leaving the car in the wrong place. Did not find a free parking – put the car on a paid parking. On islands and coastal areas of the mainland there is a large parking lot at each port. But from there it can be far to the main attractions.

The price of parking is different everywhere. May be lucky to leave the car for an unlimited time for €2-3, and it happens that you have to pay €2-3 per hour. In Thessaloniki, for example, parking costs €3,5 per hour.

You can park on the street only if there are white (free) or blue (chargeable) lines. Parking at the yellow line is prohibited. The usual practice for Greece – the most expensive is first hour, and then – cheaper. The exception is the new rules for the center of Athens. Parking on the street in the center of Athens for guests of the city is possible only if the markings are made with white lines.

Local police have the right to withdraw license plates of an incorrectly parked vehicle. For rental cars this also applies.

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