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Rest under sail in the most beautiful corners of Greece

Who among us has not dreamed of visiting Greece, sailing in the sea of turquoise color, lost among the many Greek islands? If you want to rent a yacht, the easiest way to do this is with «Ellin Travel» to travel in the Ionian Sea. Couples may rent a cabin on a comfortable schooner for a cruise, while families or groups of friends may prefer yachts. Going out to sea, beware of summer storms. Spring is a great season for recreation and travel in all Greek islands.

This is truly a heavenly pastime. You, your beloved family or your friends will be able to spend an unforgettable holiday sailing on the most comfortable yachts in the waters of Greece. All you need is, using our recommendations, to decide on the vessel that suits you and book with «Ellin Travel».

Yacht rental is a simple, fast and very convenient way to organize an unforgettable vacation for your dear people. Sailing, feeling the salty spray of the warm sea and enjoying the sunset is an unforgettable experience. You only need to solve a couple of questions – how big a company you want to take with you to the sea and how long a vacation you plan to spend with us. We have yachts for both short-term stay in the sea and for a long adventure with comfortable beds, bathroom and galley.

Sail or motorboat can go in any direction. But Greece is undoubtedly the most comfortable and interesting region with a constant change of landscapes and many undeniable advantages – from climatic conditions and security, to the local color and sights. We specialize specifically in the Greek region, we know all the nuances and will be able to organize a vacation at the highest level, correctly selecting all points of the route, beach stops and saving possible expenses. A romantic trip or a long voyage between islands – your desires and dreams on the shores of Greece will come true.

«Ellin Travel» guarantees that when you contact us, you will receive excellent service, as we are experts in our business! A professional team, excellent elite ships for reasonable money, all the wealth of Greece – this is the key to a great holiday full of adventures and memories!



Bavaria 33, 2013
Bavaria 33, 2013
From € 1200 / 7 days
Cabins: 2               Bathrooms: 1
Capacity: 6            Length: 9,99 m.
Year built: 2013     Place: Lefkada
Bavaria 40, 2008
Bavaria 40, 2008
From € 1080 / 7 days
Cabins: 3               Bathrooms: 2
Capacity: 7            Length: 12,13 m.
Year built: 2008     Place: Lefkada
Lagoon 400 S2, 2016
Lagoon 400 S2, 2016
From € 3500 / 7 days
Cabins: 4               Bathrooms: 4
Capacity: 12          Length: 11,97 m.
Year built: 2016     Place: Lefkada

­­Navigation Conditions in Greece

From April to September, the average temperature ranges from 18° to 26° С. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to give preference to such months as May, June and September, if you intend to rent a yacht or motorboat in Greece. Summer temperatures can reach 35° C! Navigation in Greece is pretty simple. However, we should not forget about the north wind, which rises in June, intensifies in July and August and subsides in September.

In Greece you will find several types of boats for rent. Of course, renting boats and catamarans in Greece with a captain, as well as yacht rental are the most common. At your service there will be numerous of ports and moorings located along the whole coast of Greece and its islands. At the berths you will find areas for disembarking and disembarking passengers, shops, gas stations for boats with fuel and fresh water.

Greece is a big country where you can visit the most beautiful places on a yacht or boat during your cruise. You can travel on the Ionian Sea, visiting Corfu and Lefkada, on the Aegean Sea, seeing Athens and Lavrion, to the Cyclades Archipelago (Paros), and also discover the continent of Greece – Chalkidiki, Pieria - Paralia Katerini.

Navigation in the Ionian Sea

Discover the Ionian Sea on board of rented yacht and explore the amazing islands and their secrets. Renting a boat in the Ionian Sea will allow you to visit island of Corfu, numerous capes, such as Lefkada, located on the eponymous island of Lefkada. Seaside resort complexes in the Ionian Sea are well equipped, and you will have no problems with refueling. Navigation conditions in this region are quite favorable, so, without hesitation, raise the sails and keep heading to Kefalonia.

The Ionian Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea. In the west between the Apennine Peninsula and Sicily, in the east the Ionian Sea separates Albania and Greece. The Ionian Sea connects with the Tyrrhenian through the Strait of Messina, with the Adriatic through the Strait of Otranto. It washes Greece from Corfu to Zakynthos. Between the coastal mountain ranges and the lush green islands, the wind rarely blows, and the local coast offers many small bays, which can only be reached by boat.

The Ionian Sea gave its name to the Ionian Islands, an archipelago located in the north-west of the Peloponnese island and in the south-west of Albania, comprising seven islands.

A special feature of the Ionian Sea is the Corinth Canal. This canal, built artificially through the Corinthian Isthmus, gives you the opportunity to reach the Saronic Gulf in the heart of the Aegean Sea in just 6 miles of the Corinthian Gulf in the Ionian Sea.

Navigation conditions in the Ionian Sea are ideal, as this region presents no particular difficulties, and the local winds are stable and predictable.

From May to September, the west and northwest winds reach a strength of 2-5 on the Beaufort scale. One of these winds, the Mistral, rises in the afternoon and subsides at the end of the day. During the summer, thermal breezes are mainly observed in this region. In spring and autumn, the winds are less strong and blow from the southwest.

In winter, the sirocco wind or the northeast wind of grego can blow with great force, but not more than two or three days.

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